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A Little Bit About ...The Little Alien Store...

Hi,my name is Nick, and I hope you share my passion for everything E.T.

So why did I set up THE LITTLE ALIEN STORE?

Well...ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by all things E.T. & space.. Be it movies, documentaries,aliens,monsters,time travel..

And now as an adult, consciousness and our place in the universe or multiverse...

I wanted to offer a place where fellow enthusiasts could find cool E.T. themed stuff.

The kind of stuff you don't usually find in conventional stores.

The kind of stuff that says...I Am A Believer...

Plus to be completely honest, it's a way to make a bit extra income. Especially now, as the world seems to have turned into some sort of crazy movie itself. (Although it could be argued it's been like that for a long time).

I've also added a BLOG, and plan to keep it up to date with interesting news/events from the best broadcasters and researchers in the community today.

As we look up at the night sky and view the countless stars orbited by planets, an infinitesimal amount of the 300 million exoplanets in local galaxy of the Milky Way.

Which, in turn, makes up an infinitesimal amount of the known universe. Which,in turn, makes up an infinitesimal amount of the unknown universe.

In this dimension alone...

We can only ponder..

Who is out there?

What can they teach us about our origins?

Our place in the universe?

Our potential as a species...

What is consciousness?

How does it effect the reality we perceive?

Plus more questions than there are humans able to ask them...

What about closer to home?

Are there E.T races living here on earth?

Are they ruling us from the shadows?

Working with us in The Secret Space Program?

Or hiding under our oceans or deep within the earth?

Visiting from other dimensions?

Now my brain is starting to hurt...

One thing is certain ... Disclosure is coming. a race, humans will keep searching and asking the questions we crave to know from deep within ourselves.

Maybe some of our E.T. cousins will give us some of those answers.

I am sure some of those answers are coming. And I for one am enjoying the journey...