Secrets Of Skinwalker Season 2 On History Channel

The Skinwalker Ranch is a special place, but not the way most people think of. It is not a garden of Eden nor is it a Shangri-La, although it is quite lovely. This place, my friends, is a place of high strangeness beyond comprehension. The land was cursed by the Navajo Indians because the Utes captured a Navajo brave and enslaved him. We are unsure if that has any bearing on what happens at the ranch but it makes for an interesting history. The ranch was previously owned by billionaire aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who, along with financing from the United States government, sent scientists to study the unusual goings-on. One realization that came while studying this area, was the difficulty in scientifically studying something that obviously did not want to be studied. This group of scientists was known as NIDS or National Institute of Discovery Science and unfortunately produced little published material which may or may not be in part due to secrecy documents that may have been required by those involved.


Fast forward to 2016, when real estate entrepreneur Brandon Fugal purchased the ranch and dedicated his considerable resources to uncovering its mysteries. Out of that investment a television series was born titled “Secrets of the Skinwalker Ranch” which publicly shared the science behind investigating the ranch. If you have not seen the series we will give you a quick recap of the events involved in season one. Starting with the very first episode, a cattle mutilation was discovered leaving radioactivity behind while electromagnetic signals jumped off the chart. Light pillars were videotaped emanating from the ground into the sky. High intensity electromagnetic signals were bombarding areas of digging and when traced to the source, they were emanating from approximately 5500 feet in the air, and when attempts were made to measure the exact location, equipment continually failed. Model rockets were launched into the space being investigated and UFOs not only appeared but were recorded on video. In another instance, a two-year-old cow became separated from the herd and died unexpectedly at the same time UFO appeared above it.

While digging, one of the team members began having a medical episode with the flesh of their skull literally separating from the bone. Truly a medical emergency. In another event, a cave was discovered and while being investigated another medical event happened to scientist Travis Taylor, causing that investigation to end prematurely and, as a side note, cell phones that had full batteries were instantly drained. Alpacas were brought onto the property to be used as biosensors and were attacked the first night almost killing one. The list of unusual and dangerous invisible encounters continued and by the end of season one, they believed they found a significant structure underground and were debating whether or not to risk digging again. Because, as it is said throughout the show “bad things happen when you dig.”

Due to coronavirus concerns season two was delayed, but is now being aired on May 4, on the History Channel and we understand directly from Mr. Fugal himself, that dimensional portals may be in play. How crazy exciting is that? Lastly, we would like to state that Mr. Fugal does not embellish or build false hopes, he does not hype or manipulate data in any way for the show. He and his team are all about science and we are fortunate that they share those results with us through this unique journey that is “Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch.” This is why  Brandon Fugal was named the UAP.News UFO Researcher of the Year. So sit back and enjoy, as it will surely be a wild ride.