UFOs As A Gateway To Self Discovery.

UFOs As A Gateway To Self Discovery – The Richard Dolan Show

Here is a really thought provoking talk by the great Richard Dolan.

Richard Dolan postulates; If learning about a highly advanced, or at least, technologically advanced species, that is here interacting with us in some important way, doesn’t make us better, then what is the point in doing this?

The presence of a more advanced species, forces us to ask deep questions...

Where Are They From?

How Did They Get Here?

How Do They Seem To Alter Reality Around Themselves?

Are We Somehow Connected To These 'Visitors?'

How Can We View Conventional Thinking The Same Again?

In this KGRA Radio ‘Live’ broadcast with Richard Dolan sitting at the helm, Dolan explores the theme, UFOs as a gateway to self discovery for this EMN exclusive video.