The Crabwood Farm (Hampshire, U.K, 2002) Grey Alien Crop Circle features an image of a Grey Alien alongside a circular disc which was later deciphered to be 8-bit binary code. The message can be read from the center outward similar to the way a DVD is read by laser. The crop circle message was decoded and reads as:

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x0.7”

You will notice there are also three ‘stars’ to the left of the Grey Alien which Wayne Herschel has deduced to be the star system of Orion’s Belt.

Now comes the bit where we all lose our minds – are the Greys deceptive? Did they send this crop circle or did other beings? Which beings? Are the Greys warning us about our own deception and showcasing themselves as our helpers? Friend or Foe?

In my experience the Greys are deceptive. The abductions taking place without consent or knowledge of the abductees themselves, inserting implants, taking biological samples would all be viewed in human terms as criminal acts of Dr. Mengele proportions.

Some people simply cannot conceive of Alien life. All the crop circles worldwide are ‘purely a prank’ they would say. All people who see or talk about Aliens as real are in need of ‘psychological help’ or ‘dangerous’ because they join a bizarre UFO cult or are branded a ‘conspiracy nut’ to be dismissed. Others secretly believe in Aliens, yet stay silent in fear of being called crazy themselves. And of course people do all of the above things, making it even harder to have a serious conversation on the topic within the mainstream populace.

However, the recent revelations that Aliens exist made by former Head of Israeli Space Security of nearly 30 years, draws this topic further into mainstream awareness. Haim Eshed cannot be so easily ignored or fobbed off because of the position he held within the Israeli Government. Eshed stipulates that the U.S and Israeli Government have an agreement with the alien ‘Galactic Federation’ in exchange for alien technology.

What technology? Spaceships? Death ray technology?

Most likely.

And what about smartphones? Facial Recognition? The point where alien technology filters down through the military where it is then outsourced into private businesses eventually ending up in our hand. Human DNA taken from abductees in exchange for technology that’s inside our gadgets. Which would make it – Alien Technology. And what will this technology be used for – to benefit humankind? Will it free us into a better world – the ‘next stage of evolution’ as it’s proponents purport or will it enslave us under an Alien Agenda? These are the questions we need to be asking AND ANSWERING as we move forward into the Digital Age.

The crop circle message read: “Beware of Deception” – can we trust the Greys? I think not.

“There is still time” the message warns – There is still time for us to analyze where technology is taking us before Singularity (the point when humans merge with the machine through brain-interface technology that is being experimented with now – see Elon Musk’s Neural Lace.) Technology used to assist the body for physical diseases is a benefit for humankind. However spying on and enslaving humankind to technology under an alien agenda where technology becomes our primary source of all income, social activity, jobs, and money will not benefit humankind. Plugging our brains into the internet will limit, not expand, our consciousness and the Greys know this. It’s de-evolution through imprisonment to their technology.

“Beware of Deception” – Who’s deceptive lead are we following? We pride ourselves on technology being solely a human invention – an act of genius. Is it? Is it really? Who’s genius? Genius takes many forms, not all good.

Shouldn’t we find out first? Yes we should. The fate of humanity depends upon it.

Whilst it’s still possible to awaken to one’s spiritual nature (consciousness) after a traumatic and/or non-traumatic experience with the Greys (due to the mind-bending space/time nature of the experience, having contact with beings not from Earth and being taken off-planet) it’s the Agenda of the Greys that should be examined. Along with which governments are accountable to the abductees and the question of compensation.

The Former Head of Israeli Space Security has publically vindicated all abductees who have suffered at the hands of the Greys, those who have been mocked by others, ridiculed, not believed, called crazy, forced to stay silent or been institutionalized. Haim Eshed has issued humanity with a warning. The Crabwood Farm Crop Circle has also issued humanity with a warning.

Will we heed it? Or will we term Eshed ‘crazy,’ stay ignorant and continue to ‘like, share and subscribe’ on our “false gifts” believing “broken promises.”